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Now I was aware that blood of java continues in my body to claim the right to perpetuate the javanese language and javanese culture, consequently flitted an idea through my mind to dedicate a personal World Wide Web space also known as website pribadi, although it was as if to carry coals to Newcastle [ it meant take goods to a place where they are already plentiful or in case of translated into Indonesian : membuang garam ke laut ], I consistent to make a great effort to create a personal homepage [ a.k.a. situs pribadi ] via international network is an embodiment extremely interested javanese culture. I am reflection by sketchily, dilate but not deeply

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Griwo - [ Sugriwo Wonogiri ]

Last up date: 10 Maret 2004


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Griwo - Sugriwo Wonogiri
Foto: RS

I have words to say, I do not really clever the English language. It is so confusing and difficult language. I really to become discouraged, because I'm an Indonesian, the reason being, I'm not an expert English. I try to write in the web contents of my personal website [ also known as website pribadi ] succinctly words of welcome to practice a simple bunch of words in English language.

By praise Almighty God, I to take the liberty of dedicate a personal homepage space [ situs pribadi ] in the nuance of javanese culture at World Wide Web via internet [ international network ] in attempts to perpetuate the culture of javanese is an offshoot the cultural of the National of Indonesia. Welcome to my personal web site [ web site pribadi ], have a look around. Let me introduce myself, my name is Griwo [ Sugriwo Wonogiri ]. I was born and grew up in Wonogiri - Central Java - Indonesia [ southeastern asia ] I'm a dyed-in the-wool javanese. This photograph is of me in Cultural Garden of Raden Saleh [ Taman Budaya Raden Saleh ] on Jalan Sriwijaya Semarang - Central Java.

This website my change at leisure [ over time ]. All things considered, I decided to have my own website not many images, because really to slow things down, I was frustrated and annoyed at my website slow to load. [NOTICE : if you have anticipated a free animation Shockwave Flash and with links to porn site or requested to submit a URLs [ Uniform Resource Locators in search engines, include : Yahoo ! - Google - Altavista - AOL - Hotbot I'm sorry to disappoint you.]

THANK YOU  for your interest in my website and I hope you return many times. I want to be able to help anyone  I can so if you have any question please feel free to email me at the address at the middle of the screen [ACKNOWLEDGMENTS : The creation of this website would not have been possible without the considerate of the teaching and staff in an administratif capacity of the Commerce Academy [ Akademi Perdagangan TP ] in Semarang - Central Java ].

Well enjoy yourself and do not hesitate to give me feedback about my website and thanks again for visiting. [ oh yea, I am grateful to Abdyan Hidayat of the LB LIA Yogya [ the special district of Yogyakarta ], for his valuable comments and criticisms..




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